Maher Zain & FREEDOM

New song from Bro Maher. Panas daripada oven. Kredit imej: Asmahusna

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Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera

SubhanALLAH. Maha Suci ALLAH. Selawat dan salam utk kekasihMu Muhammad Rasulullah

It's has been almost a week. But, I still can visualize it. Again and again.

Since we're not so lucky one to receive upgraded tickets like Mas & KZiha, our seats were far away from the stage. Make it more unlucky, the audio from our seats was totally woshh! But, anyhow...we're 200% enjoyed with all performances especially brother Maher. Even fall in love with Freedom! [Siapa makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedasnya. Right?]

Instead of capturing images (Last time, during showcase I captured a lot. But none was publish in blog. Woooo), I managed to do some videotapping (but lesser than before; I mean the Showcase). Teet...!!! Just for our token la.

By the way, I did used Freedom song as my ringtone. So, don't angry if I take some time to pick up your call ^__*

Freedom Note 1: I wish he sing 'Mother' as gift for Ibu. Feb, 28th; she turned 56! Ibu, love you so much. Allah, kurniakanlah Ibu kesihatan yang baik dan jadikan kami anak-anak soleh solehah.

If I could turn back time
If I could make it done
I swear that I would
I would make it up to you
Mama grown up now
It is brand new day
I like to put a smile on your face everyday
Mama grown up now
And if it is not to late
I like to put a smile on your face everyday

Freedom Note 2: My Supervisor; Dr10 is away for a month. is not a Yeay. I mean it. Writing progress is slower than I imagine. I even forced myself to write in this blog. In English.

Freedom Note 3: Financial freedom. I want it desperately. Struggling. I don't want to stay like this. Penanam anggur. It's definitely sucks!

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