Gene cloning is the process of introducing a foreign DNA (or gene) into a host (bacterial, plant, or animal) cell. The gene is usually inserted into a vector (a small piece of DNA) to form a recombinant DNA molecule. The vector act as a vehicle for transporting the gene into the host cell.

Transformation is the process by which the gene-containing vector is introduced into a host cell. The host cell harboring the foreign gene is a transformed cell. (Transformers..chekin' chikin' cheekin'!)

The host cell carrying the gene-containing vector produces progeny all of which contain the inserted gene. These identical host cells are called CLONES.

In the transformed host cell and its clones, the inserted gene is transcribed and translated into protein. The geen is therefore expressed, with the gene product being a protein. The process is called expression.

(Tense dgn topik pengklonan, penin penin cacing)

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