World Class Reasercher??!..

Are you kiddin' me?

Ugh..wit all microarray raw data's need to reanalyze (urgently?) while im gone analyze blindly before, click 'ere click there, hoo..nice pic, but what is that mean ha?..clueless!

wit those bouquet of 1.5ml tubes (urgh...lets call 'em bouquet-like flower, same color, same pattern) needs to reorganize the sequence in boxes (headache!..why dont you keep it in order @ beginnin'!?

very cool dude-worm graffiti from anarchosyn's flickr

wit National Science Fund aka NSF fellowship to begging (i mean it-begging) -so that i get scholarship than just GRA's elaun (sengkek ney!)

here's the advertisment and da NSF FORM

Urghh...tebalnya form...banyakla plak benda2 yg depa nih mintak...yela..ikut je, nama pun merayu eh?

~World class researcher~


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