Materazzi to Zidane: We All Know You Are the Son of a Terrorist Whore

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  • Since both players refused to comment on the incident, there are various allegations about what led to Zidane's violent outburst. Zidane refused comment other than through his agent, Alain Migliaccio, who stated "[Zidane] told me Materazzi said something very serious to him but he wouldn't tell me what."
    Reportedly, the deaf forensic lip-reader Jessica Rees was employed to analyze the video sequences with the help of an Italian translator. According to these reports, Materazzi spoke in Italian - a language understood by Zidane due to his time spent with Juventus F.C - and first told him: "Hold on, wait, that one's not for a nigger like you." As the players walked forward, Materazzi allegedly said: "We all know you are the son of a terrorist whore.""So just fuck off." Then, just before the headbutt, he was seen saying:
    According to Brazilian TV Rede Globo, a lip-reader claimed that Materazzi twice called Zidane's sister a prostitute.

    Meanwhile, France defender William Gallas was adamant Zidane was provoked into the headbutt.

    "I didn't see it but sometimes football is not only with the ball," the Chelsea star told BBC Sport.

    "Sometimes when you have a player who is very clever and says something to you then maybe you are angry and want to 'kill' that player.

    "Maybe, and I say maybe, he has made a mistake."

    Komen Faisal Tehrani: Kalau ini benar, puas hati Zizou. Mempertahankan maruah diri, apatah lagi mempertahankan agama adalah wajib dalam Islam. Tetapi harus diingat yang dalam interbiu dengan Sebastian Rotella, "Can Zidane be King of France Again?", Los Angeles Times, 4 June 2006, Zidane mengakui dirinya a non practicing moslem.

    Komen Faiz Faiza: Ooooo..macam tu ke? Kalau gitu tak mengapalah headbutt Metarazzi pun. Itu petanda Zizou even he is a non practising moslem-sense of belonging Moslem tu still ada, maybe lock and hide inside his heart. Perhaps he will be one day a good practising Moslem, Ameen.

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